Jack Hammer Hose

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Jack Hammer hose 


According to the requirements of using places, the appropriate matching joints are available to facilitate work. The common classification is as below:

I. Auxiliary air rubber hose assembly for building site and road construction; the air hose is fitted with HE American type horn joints at both ends. It can be attached to equipment by the galvanized rustproof steel bushing. In the case of hose extension operation as construction requires, multiple hoses can be connected easily and quickly just by manual wringing. It is generally called JACKHAMMER fitting hose, with an English name JACKHAMMER.

Applicable standard: air hose: DIN EN ISO 2398-1997, HG1186-92;

water hose: ISO 1403-1986, HG2184-91.


Technical parameters:

1.Anti-ozone aging:  in the standard test chamber, concentration: 50+/-5pphm; temperature: 40+/-2°C; testing period: 72t; without crack.

2. Heat-proof aging: in the standard aging chamber, temperature: 70+/-1°C; testing period: 72t; tensile change: not more than -20%; tensile stretch: not more than -40%.

Physical properties: the flexibility of hose is sound under -30+/-2 °C for 5t; without craze crack or fracture after 180° bending over or doubling.

Structure: 1.Inner layer of hose: styrene butadiene rubber (SBR); 2. Protective layer of common hose: blends of styrene butadiene rubber and ethylene-propylene-diene mischpolymere rubber (SBR&EPDM);          3. Intermediate reinforced layer: polyester fiber spiral line.

Appearance: mill finish, black, red and yellow

Applicable temperature: -30°C to 70°C

Bend radius: 10 times of proper diameter dimension

Package: 1. See the table for available common specifications, pressure, weight, length and volume etc;        

 2. Transparent PE film intertwined; or intertwined with red and yellow PE film;        

3. Standard packing of plywood pallet; pallet dimension: 110cmx110cm


Joint connection: HE American horn joints are fitted at both ends; the hose and joint are connected together by galvanized rustproof steel bushings.

See the table for standard parameters (JACKHAMMER): (please supply specific parameters while ordering if other special specifications are required.).


Mode (In) PLY Size - (mm) Pressure-(PSI) Weight Kg/PC Maximum loading quantity-PC
I.D O.D Tolerance W.P B.P Quantity of each pallet 20’ 40’
3/4”x50FT 1B 19 29 +/-0.8 250 750 11 45 900 1800
1”x50FT 1B 25.4 36 +/-1.0 200 600 14.5 28 -32 600 1200
1”x50FT 2B 25.4 37 +/-1.0 300 900 15.5 28 -32 600 1200


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